What's New in Warrior X-Fit

We've listened to the feedback from our users and have implemented many new features and expanded functionality to provide you the best online workout experience across the board. The most recent changes are show below.

We hope you enjoy these improvements and there are a lot more on the way.

Added Pre and Post Fight Stretches

Pre and Post Fight Stretches

We have added the ability to perform your pre and post stretches directly from your fight prep screen. Clicking on one of the stretches will bring up a new modal window that will allow you to perform your stretches with your virtual trainer.

Stretch Video
Improved Leaderboard

New and Improved Leaderboard

A new leaderboard has been implemented that allows you to specify many new filters that you can use to better compare results to that of a specific group of your peers.

These new filters now allow you to view your performance by:

  • Specific Date Range
  • Specific Belt
  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Specific Affiliate
  • Worldwide

The top 10 results will be displayed with your rankings highlighted in orange at the bottom of the list. We have also added the ability to cycle through the pages but clicking on a specific page or on the next button.

Ability to Pause Your Workout

You can now pause your workout without taking a loss and come back to it later.

Pause your workout

New Fight Logs

Your Fight History has been changed to Your Fight Logs and has several new features:

  1. Pre fight and post fight stretches have been added and are now accessible from your fight logs.
  2. You can now set your exercise goals and perform new workouts up to 15 days in advance.
  3. The current day's fight is now highlighted for better visibility.
  4. You now have the ability to re-do fights, edit fight results, and see fight specifics for the previous 15 days.
  5. If you miss a fight or you take a loss, you can now make that fight up by simply clicking on the blue play button next to the fight you wish to re-do.
Pause your workout
Pause your workout

New Sitewide Announcements

After logging into the site and accessing your locker room, you may notice a banner at the top of the screen.

This banner will be used to announce X-Fit events, new features, and various other items related to the site. To view the details of the announcement simply click the highlight link and you will be taken to a new page that talks about the items mentioned in the announcement.

The message will disappear in a few seconds and you can opted to not have the banner show up again until a new announcement is made by placing a check in the "Don't show again" checkbox.